July 17, 2007

Hello. My main goals in creating this blog are to post daily, and keep it entertaining.

I read several blogs daily, and I am always checking for updates, and I am just seriously impressed when people can post everyday about something interested. I’ve tried blogs before, it is just too easy to quit posting for awhile and eventually stop all together and give up.

So one thing I wanted to do with this blog is to post every single day, and keep it up. I have no excuses, I am on a computer everyday, at work and at home. I also wanted to become a better writer, and what better way to do that than to actually write. I think it will be very interesting for people to see how well I progress in that area.

Anyway, as you can tell by the title of this blog, it will be posting about my thoughts, life, games, news, and anything else I can think of. And video games of course. I’m not going to write a big essay on who am I, I hope to explain that little by little through the blog.


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